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Community Outreach

Venison Donations


Local hunters are invited to donate their excess game meat to help feed the hungry in the Charleston area.  SCI Lowcountry pays for the processing.  We also pick up and deliver meat donations to the local food kitchens.  Last season approximately 400 lbs of meat was donated, processed and delivered to various food kitchens.  Meat may be dropped off from August 15th to January 1st at the following locations:


Burbage Meat                                                Cordray's Meat                                               Risher's Processing    

6029 Savannah Hwy                                       6708 County Line Rd.                                     120 Yearling Ln.

Ravenel, SC                                                    Ravelel, SC                                                      Walterboro, SC

843-889-2404                                                  843-766-7922                                                   843-893-2945


American Wilderness Leadership School


The SCI Low Country chapter works in cooperation with the SCI Foundation to sponsor and train local teachers at the American Wilderness Leadership School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When these teachers return they are prepared to help with providing and promoting outdoor edcational programs in our local area.  They learn survivalist skills, firearm safety, and fly fishing skills. They also return as certified archery instructors.  Two carefully selected Charleston County teachers are given the opportunity to attend each year. One of our dedicated members, Dr. Robert Shealy is the program coordinator for our Chapter.

Erica Janowitz (left below) and Staci Reed recently returned from attending during August, 2018. Staci wrote the following about their wonderful experiences:

          "Erica and I were able to connect with 25 teachers across the country (and Panama) to share ideas and memorable

           experiences. This professional development is one of a kind and we greatly appreciate Safari Club of Charleston for

           sending us!"

SCI Staci Reed (3).jpeg
SCI Staci Reed.jpeg
SCI Staci Reed (2).jpeg

Grants and Donations

Grants and donations are provided by our Chapter as aid for special programs in South Carolina. We have built a skeet shooting range for the Boy Scouts of America and recently provided funds for the purchase of archery equipment through the National Archery in Schools program for the students of King Haigler Archery in the Camden, SC area.

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