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With over 55,000 members in more than 103 countries Safari Club International is a non-profit organization that promotes wildlife conservation and education, hunting as a wildlife management tool, humanitarian services, and advocates on behalf of hunters to preserve hunting traditions worldwide.

Safari Club International is a leader in wildlife conservation  throughout the world and a global leader in wildlife conservation issues.  Contact us for more information about SCI’s conservation programs or to find out how you can help with conservation programs that we initiate and support here in the Lowcountry.

Educating our youth and the public in safe and proper use of firearems as well as the benefits of hunting is a key component of Safari Club International's mission.  We promote an interest in the conservation and preservation of wildlife that is our national heritage, and educate on the importance of safe, legal and ethical hunting. as

As a non-profit organization, the South Carolina Low Country Chapter of Safari Club International is dedicated to education, conservation of wildlife and the preservation of hunting rights. All of our fundraising efforts go to these causes.  We host many fundraising events over the course of the year.

Safari Club International is a leader in protecting your freedom to hunt.


Our sponsors and donors make it possible for us to carry out our projects and programs. Your kind donations will be used to support our annual Wounded Warrior Wheelchair Hunt, our Hunters for the Hungry program and our educational Wilderness Leadership School.

Our Low Country Safari Club consists of local sportsmen and families who share an enthusiasm for hunting and the preservation of hunting opportunities, for fellowship and recreation together in a variety of outdoor settings, and for service to our community in a variety of programs and ways. Foremost among the groups we seek to serve are the Wounded Warriors of our military services and our Youth. For over a decade we have enhanced the opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hunting, fishing, archery, and other shooting sports through our Wounded Warrior Wheelchair Hunts, the Wilderness Leadership Training Program for teachers and mentors, financial donations to Boy Scouts and other youth groups, to name a few. Our members share core goals and ethics, which include preservation of the environment, good sportsmanship, safe and lawful practices afield, and sharing. Our Hunters for the Hungry program has donated thousands of pounds of venison to local organizations performing feeding for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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